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Ga maar slapen... (2013)



The Christmas song 'Ga maar slapen...' newly composed for voice, piano, pomp and circumstance. Click here for the originally composed version of 2010.


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Lyrics (translation): A. J. L. Schenkel

Go to sleep, sweet little chap
Go to sleep, sweet dreams…
I will be here for a while
Just sleep, daddy will watch over you.


Can you hear the ringing of the bells
On the plaza far away?
Don’t be frightened of that noise
It is Christmas; we should enjoy.


Can you feel that tingling?
That ain’t scary, don’t be afraid.
Those are angels,
Singing their heavenly hymn.


Because we are celebrating
That a miracle happened here tonight.
That a very special baby
Brought so much love.


No, he didn’t come with a sleigh
From the Northpole or a star
Sliding out of the sky.
But he did came from far.


With Christmas we are
Celebrating his birthday.
So we have to decorate;
After all, it is a party!


Not with a sharp tree with balls
With or without a lump
That always wants to fall
Right through the window.


No sleigh or ho-ho-ho
No big red hat
Created by Coca-Cola
With his elves and other crap.


No, with Christmas it is all about you!
About a baby, so very sweet!
In warm clothes for the cold,
Yet so helplessly naive.


About a very proud daddy
Because he likes this very much!
And a very sweet mommy,
Just like a mommy is supposed to be.


And that little child of them
That is sleeping in a manger
Will set the world free
Of all misery and deceit.


He will not dress up
And he will not say ‘Ho, ho, ho’.
He will only bring peace
As his most precious gift.


Go to sleep, sweet little chap
Go to sleep, sweet dreams…
Dream about the little child.
Just sleep, Daddy will watch over you.



On YouTube you can find the complete recording of this composition (in Dutch).


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