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Ga maar slapen... (2010) opus 4



The Christmas song 'Ga maar slapen', originally written and composed for harp, trombone, percussion, voice and reader. Click here for the newly composed version of 2013.


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Codarts Rotterdam, NL
7th of December, 2010



Minou den Hals, harp

Efe Erdem, trombone

Niels Verbeek, percussion

Liselot van Oosterom, voice

Harm Jan Schenkel, reader


Leonard Evers, conductor






The composition

For the 2010 Christmas concert at Codarts, Harm Jan wrote a Christmas song for harp, vocals, percussion and trombone. He also wrote the lyrics, because he wanted to tell the story about the real Christmas gift: the birth of Jesus. He wrote a lullaby for a baby: ‘Ga maar slapen’. The whole composition is centered around the harmonic B flat of the harp. Despite the constant presence of this B flat, there is also an uncomfortable tension audible throughout the composition. This represents the tension between what Christmas really stands for and what it is turned in to today. In 2013 Harm Jan recomposed the lullaby. You can listen this song here.  



Click below for some examples of the score:






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