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Human (2017)



Harm Jan arranged the hitsingle 'Human' of Rag'n'Bone Man especcially for his choir Papaya. This means it is written for six independent voices (a cappella), has some unusual and daring vocal techniques and even incorporates percussion that is to be created by the singers. It uses common objects like house keys, cups and of course the human body. Do you want to sing this song with your own choir or vocal group? Do you like a daring arrangement that still keeps the original 'feel' of Rag'n'Bone man? Than this arrangement is just what you were looking for!


An audio example of this arrangement will be posted soon...



Click below for an example of the score:



Order information


What are the costs?
The price depends on how many members you got in your choir or vocal group. In the list below you can find all prizes. Pay attention to the fact that all prices are VAT included, but exclude shipping costs.


  Choir (SSATBB - 9 pg.) € 3,25 per copy



How do you order?
Do you want to sing this song with your choir or vocal group? Then send an email to Please indicate how many copies you require. We will send you a conformation email and we will make sure that you will receive the music as soon as possible.


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