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Workshop 'Lean on me'



The workshop 'Lean on me' is especially developed for companies and organisations that make use of the Lean philosophy. Famous Lean terms are value, value stream, wast and KaiZen. Harm Jan will show you Lean in a completely different way with a smashing act in which he will show you his world...



Harm Jan got inspired by Lean during his student days when he was studying for a Industrial Design Engineer. He is able to bridge the gap between Lean and the world of Art. This workshop is very suited for a Lean ceremony, but it is also the perfect intermezzo during coaching and training of Lean.


This workshop is very interactive, mentally as well as physically. Participants are tested for their knowledge of Lean and their musical and physical capabilities. Words and music are the tools, but Lean is the main ingredient.



What can you experience?

Cabaret, a choir rehearsal, theater, mime, a concert and a quiz. Harm Jan will show you the similarities and differences between Lean and Art. Pop, jazz and classical music, humour, songs, visual arts and poetry. The workshop last for about an hour, but can be costumized.


What are the costs?

The price of this workshop is € 995,- (excl. VAT and travelling-expenses). For more information, send an email to You can also call Harm Jan directly. Call Tel.

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