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The arranger

The challenge as an arranger is to create something new out of existing material, according the Harm Jan. "It can be a new orchestration as well as a complete new composition that touches lightly the original music." Harm Jan arranged a lot of music within this range. Still he always managed to add something of himself into each arrangement. That is what he is after. "In every arrangement you should be able to recognize the arranger. One time you can only see his palette of colours, some other time you can spot his complete personality and deepest emotions. An arrangement without the signature of the arranger is not an arrangement, but a transcription." Check the menu Works for an overview of most of his arrangements.



What are the costs of a composition or arrangement? It depends on a lot of things like the duration of the piece, how many parts or voices it should have, and the complexity of the piece. However, Het Nieuw Geneco (the composers assosiation) provides every year a table with guidelines to give an indication of the costs. Some examples:


1) You want an instrumental arrangement for string quartet of the Beatle song 'All you need is love' (duration: 3'40).

- Price indication: € 800,-


2) You want a new and complex composition for (semi) professional orchestra and choir with a duration of approximately 25 minutes.

- Price indication: € 15.000,-


3) You want three customized arrangements of jazz standards for your own concert band to accompany a singer during a concert. Duration: 20 minutes.

- Price indication: € 2300,-


4) You want a new composition for an anniversary of your own wind ensemble consisting of 14 players. The piece should be around 12 minutes.

- Price indication: € 4250,-


As you can see, the price of a composition or arrangement is a function of the estimated time a composer will work on it. In fact, you will pay by the hour, just like you would do with your plumber or tax consultant.




Do you want an arrangement made by Harm Jan? Then check the menu contact for more information or send an email to


If you rather talk to Harm Jan in person, then it is possible to contact him by telephone.

Just call TN.




Harm Jan frequently made notations, especially for organist and conductor Martin Mans. He notated already eleven books of sheet music! These books contain improvisations that Martin Mans recorded on his CD albums. As a organist and improviser himself, Harm Jan is of course the best choice for translating Martin Mans his music from CD directly to sheet music.


Do you want notations of your music? With all the details ready for the publisher? Check the menu contact for more information or send an email to



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