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At this site you can find everything you want to know about Harm Jan Schenkel, composer, conductor and musician. Here you can find his biography and vision on composing, as well as listen to music fragments, view movie clips and a lot more. Are you looking for something in particular? Then look under contact for more information.






2015 was the year of Harm Jan's first 'one-man-show' AMUSE. After a successful summer tour and four more shows in the fall of that year, Harm Jan decided to continue AMUSE this year with nine shows last summer. That meant that the 25th AMUSE show was the next one to come! This small anniversary was celebrated the 7th of October in the Johanneskerk in Breda, with free entrance as a gift to the audience. So, are you ready for the next 25 shows of AMUSE? Harm Jan is...



During an intimate performance Harm Jan will show you the life of a composer. AMUSE is music and stories about the value of music, improvisation, the struggle of composing, how to seduce the muse and a lot more. All music of the show is composed by Harm Jan or improvised on the spot. AMUSE is new, but also very recognizable and accessible.


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Weg van Verwijzen

Harm Jan wrote the musical 'Weg van Verwijzen' together with his wife Indra. This musical tells the story of the Biblical Wise Men from the Gospel of Matthew, but it is situated in the present. Indra wrote the libretto and Harm Jan composed the music and the lyrics. The premiere of this musical took place the 19th of December 2015 at a sold out Maranathekerk in Zwijndrecht, NL. The musical is premiered by Gospel choirs Share and Expression, together with an amazing jazz quartet: Paul van der Feen (sax), Clemens van der Feen (bass), Jeroen Vrolijk (drums) and Carlos Matos (piano). Award winner Vincent de Lusenet was our special guest with an outstanding performance as Rex. The premiere was very successful and more is yet to come...





Together with fourteen other authors Harm Jan collaborates with the writing of the book Kampvuur (Campfire). This book consists of personal stories of people and their view on the church and society. Harm Jan writes about his vision on church music and the function of music in general. Sharp, honest and with a lot of humour. With Carola Schouten, Martin Visser, Erik Harinck, Johan Bakker et al. You can order this book via De Vuurbaak.



HaFaBra stands for Harmony, Fanfare & Brass band: orchestras with only wind instruments and percussion. It is a very popular genre in the Netherlands. Harm Jan got inspired to write for these line-ups through multiple collaborations with gospel choir Expression. The first compositions are finished! At this moment Harm Jan is writing a major piece for Fanfare orchestra with the title 'Una noche en Sevilla'. In this piece he challenges the orchestra to play Flamenco! Check 'HaFaBra' for more information.



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