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Harm Jan is a very experienced (session) musician. He collaborated in multiple concerts as a pianist, organist, keyboardist and conductor. He is also experienced when it comes to studio recordings. His classical trained background in combination with his (jazz related) improvisation skills makes him a quick reader and player of music in many different styles. "One moment you'll fly away on the sound of intense organ playing while accompanying a congregation. Another moment you feel trapped in the inevitability of Beethoven or the madness of Chopin and touches it the core of your soul when you are alone behind your piano in the middle of the night. That's what makes music so special!"


Click here for a description of his activities as a conductor.

Gospel choir Share

For more than ten years Harm Jan has been the pianist of choice of gospel choir Share in Ridderkerk, before he took over conducting from André Pouwer in 2013. He was the main accompanist with every concert of this choir, even together with Jan Vayne during the Psalms & Hymns tour. Not only as a pianist, but as a organist too. That is why he sat behind most of the famous organs in the Netherlands, including the Hinz organ of the Martinikerk in Bolsward. The last concert of this tour was at the St. Janskerk in Gouda. You can find a clip of this concert on YouTube. Click here for the unique improvisation of Harm Jan on famous hymns.


Church organist

From the age of 14, Harm Jan is an organist in many different churches. His cheerful music, his improvisational skills and his ability to translate almost every style of music unto the organ, make him a highly sought-after organist. His vast range of music, from classical and romantic music to contemporary pop music and jazz, enabled him to play at a lot of wedding ceremonies, but also funeral ceremonies. Harm Jan has the perfect sensitive touch to create the right atmosphere and to respect the wishes of the family at the same time, but still keeps everything one unity. Audiences find the music which Harm Jan provides at such a type of services always very impressive. Alone, or with other musicians, playing on the organ of even singing behind the piano….





Harm Jan has done a lot of concerts als a pianist behind his own Roland Fantom X8 or V-combo VR-700. Solo or with other musicians in an orchestra or band: he can always adjust himself, looking for the right notes to play. Classical polyphony, grooving rock or steaming jazz; Harm Jan feels himself at home in every style. "It is the best when you have know idea what to expect. Than you really have to find your way by using all your skills."

Band leader

For a long time, Harm Jan was bandleader of multiple church bands. The last couple of years he specialised in giving workshops to church bands about how to play different styles of music such as psalms, hymns, and the more modern worship songs. He also arranges music for bands, often with a twist, which makes them contemporary and new, while still keeping the character of the song alive.


A few years ago a multicultural church was founded in the Beverwaard, Rotterdam. From the start, Harm Jan was involved with the multicultural services as a musician. “It is great to improvise and learn new styles of music. It inspires me a lot!” 



Harm Jan is also a cabaret performer for bussiness parties, weddings and other special occasions. He has also created the workshop ‘Lean on me’, about the connection between the corporate philosophy Lean and art: a business message wrapped humour and surprises. You can find more information about this workshop here.




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