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For years Harm Jan gives workshops. With passion and a lot of humour he knows how to entertain groups of people. These workshops are designed for choirs and bands, but also for companies. His background as an engineer with his specialism in management, strategy and creative processes, are for sure an advantage. Especially this combination of skills with his creative musical abilities, makes his workshops inspiring and accessible for a broad audience.



Harm Jan offers the following workshops:



Lean on me
Harm Jan creates an interactive workshop about the Lean philosophy. He will show you the similarities and differences between Lean and Art with pop, jazz and classical music, humour, songs, visual arts and poetry. The workshop is very suited for a Lean ceremony, but it is also the perfect intermezzo during coaching and training of Lean.
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HIM stands for Heavenly Inspired Music and is the plan Harm Jan developed in Rotterdam to shape music in contemporary churches. HIM is centered around the CORE: Craftsmanship, Organization, Relationship en Education. The workshops are centered around this plan.
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With the workshop Impro Harm Jan will teach you the art of improvisation. The workshop is very interactive and playfull, but you will also learn the theories and skills of improvisation.  The workshop is very suitable for choirs. The workshop will always be customized to your specifications.
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Impro 2.0
This workshop is still 'under construction' and is the translation of the 'Impro' workshop into a workshop suitable for all different kind of groups that have no musical background. The motto of this workshop is "Expect the unexpected". Very suitable for companies.
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Nowadays, church-musicians are challenged by the ever growing amount of songs and hymns that are sang in church-communities, mostly in all sorts of different styles as well. Gospelsongs, Psalms and Hymns all require a different and specific appoach of playing with a band or on an organ. This workshop will provide an answer.
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This workshop is especially made for bandleaders, coaches and conductors. This workshop is also called 'Train the trainer'. The leader(s) of a band, choir or music group are carefully observed by Harm Jan and will receive feedback afterwards, including tips and tricks to optimise their leadership.
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For a lot of choir and bands it is very refreshing when a new face takes control of their music. That is exactly what this workshop does. Harm Jan will spice things up for you. His way is unique, creative and very inspiring. By means of this workshop things will become renewed and refreshed.
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